Best Short Sleeve Coveralls

Best short-sleeve Coveralls for 2020

Short-sleeve coveralls are a go-to for many people who wear them for work or at home for car and home repairs. Short-sleeve coveralls are also enjoying a fashion renaissance as casual wear. They are less protective than regular coveralls but offer more comfort if you don’t need to cover your arms. Less protection also means they should not be worn in hazardous environments. They are classic workwear and have been an American symbol for nearly a century. The comfort that coveralls bring really shines in short-sleeve coveralls.

Coveralls are a type of PPE that workers wear to be safe. The protection covers your body from neck to ankles as well as covering shoulders. This is also the main difference between coveralls and overalls.

Dickies short-sleeve coveralls are iconic. They are the most popular pair of coveralls on the market. Dickies takes customer satisfaction to heart with all of their products and this is no exception. Their classic look and comfort has been around for nearly a century. They are perfect for work or around the house which is why these are our favorites. The polyester and cotton blend enables flexibility, comfort, and breathability so you will be comfortable all day. 

Amazon’s breakthrough in men’s clothing has been quick and dominant. Their short-sleeve coveralls are backed by customer satisfaction and affordability. We love these for around the house and are great for those on a tight budget. The polyester and cotton fabric is breathable and lightweight. Being customer focused enables Amazon to offer a wide range of sizes and colors to fit your needs.

Key Industries coveralls are a standard coverall used by thousands of men around the world everyday. They are designed to fit looser than normal short-sleeve coveralls which is why so many men love them. They come in a classic navy blue for when you’re around the house or at work. The fabric has a bit more polyester than the usual coverall which adds durability and comfort. Key Industries is a staple in manufacturing and industry – you will love these. 

Walls – a Texas company founded in 1938 and now known globally- designed their short-sleeve coverall to be comfortable and durable. The cotton-polyester blend keeps dirt away and is easily cleaned. We like Walls so much because of their classic look and range of sizes. Their unique sizing will fit everyone – from 38 short to 60 regular. 

Berne, recently celebrating their 100th year of operation, takes pride in their products and customer satisfaction. Berne is one of our favorite coverall manufacturers and their short-sleeve coveralls are on the top of our list. They designed their coveralls with added flaps for air circulation and extra comfort for hot and cool days. Ranging in sizes from S-6XL you will be able to find any size of your choice. These are built for work at the shop and are trusted by mechanics all over the world.


Coveralls keep you safe, comfortable, and are designed to last years of wear. It’s important to maintain proper care of them as tears, abrasions, and other damage will reduce their protective capabilities. Read our thorough guide here for best practices and tips for maintaining your coveralls’ health.

➤ What Material are Short Sleeve Coveralls?

Short-sleeve coveralls are designed for comfort in the workplace. They are not designed to be worn in hazardous working environments like manufacturing, oil and gas, industrial use, or in harsh weather. 

Short-sleeve coverall fabric contains from 40% to 65% polyester. Polyester adds more flexibility. Qualities of polyester include: 

  • Quick drying
  • Resistant to shrinking, wrinkling, and stretching
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Resistant and durable to many chemicals

➤ What are the Styles of Short Sleeve Coveralls?

Short-sleeve coveralls have a more distinctive style as compared to regular and disposable coveralls. They have a front zipper that extends from your chest to your waist. Some are made with elastic waistbands to fit snug around your body to keep your clothes from shifting too much. Still others include one or two chest pockets to store items you wish to carry. 

Short-sleeve coveralls come in a wide range of colors unlike typical coveralls that come in two or three colors. This adds a bit of flavor and fun to an otherwise monotonous garment. 

➤ How expensive are short sleeve coveralls?

Short-sleeve coveralls are very affordable compared to their counterparts. You are paying for durability and comfort, not insulation, high-visibility, FR, or arc resistance.