Best Carhartt Overalls

Best Carhartt Overalls for 2020

Carhatt is a staple workwear company for over 100 years.  The founders designed and created their first Carhartt bib for railroad workers in 1889. As one of the leading uniform providers in WWI and WWII, the company has put people and company first since its creation. Carhartt today is a global leader in women’s and men’s workwear.

Overalls are worn every for at-home work, general comfort, and a multitude of industries including Welding, Agriculture, Fishing, Automotive, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Trucking, Transportation and much more. The style of overall will depend on your work or intended use.

Carhartt’s produces overalls (sometimes called bib overalls) in a wide variety of material, design, and functionality. Some added features include insulation for cold weather, water-repellant, high-visibility for night use or construction, and even flame resistant to protect against fire hazards. It’s worth noting you will need a FR coat if you wear overalls for flame resistance – or else you should wear coveralls. This guide will explain the things you should consider when purchasing overalls and we will give you our best Carhartt overall picks.

Our favorite pair is the classic denim overall. Denim overalls are the most iconic fabric used. It’s no mystery why so many people wear denim while at home, farming, or working on cars. They offer durability, comfort, easy-to-clean, and functionality that isn’t seen in most clothing. Most importantly denim overalls are the best bang for your buck. 

We love these because they will last and do not have any bells and whistles. They are perfect from day 1.

Carhartt’s Quilt Lined Bib Overalls are great for nearly all industries and jobs. If you’ve been miserable, hot, and sweating profusely wearing overalls you understand that ventilation is important. Carhartt came up with a product to solve that – ankle to thigh zipper. Un-zipping when you are hot will offer quick cool down so you can be comfortable. It also makes it easier to take off your work boots. 

These are for people in temperate climates and they will generate heat. Although it is insulated, it is not enough to keep you warm in cold weather. It has a Cordura kick panel that increases durability and prevents the garment from getting wet.

Carhartt’s flame resistant material is world class. They have given customers multiple options to wear FRs – overalls and coveralls. We love these overalls when we aren’t wearing coveralls. Carhartt FR overalls either come in lined or unlined which these are unlined. They are CAT 2, NFPA 70E and NFPA 2112 compliant (read about this rating more here!) which OSHA, governments, and all industries follow for fire safety.

We also love the ankle-to-thigh zipper that Carhartt offers. Taking off your boots or airing out your legs has never been easier. 

Carhartt’s Rugged Collection is the perfect choice if you are looking for lightweight and very durable overalls. Durability and comfort are what make these special while weighing only 8 oz. It’s designed to be soft and stretchy which comes from Carhartt’s proprietary Rugged Flex fabric (98% cotton and 2% spandex). The 2% spandex is unique as it allows you to be 100% mobile and get in tough places easily. This is the pair you need to wear every day that will last years.


➤ Are carhartt overalls insulated?

Insulation may be an important feature you need if you are in colder weather. Insulated overalls offer great protection against freezing weather. Insulation and overall lining will create the needed protection. Carhatt uses 3M’s Thinsulate Insulation in their coveralls. There are levels of insulation depending of how much protection you need. Insulated coveralls are also designed to protect against rain and wind. Carhartt has proprietary technology that defends against whipping wind called Wind Fighter and water called Rain Defender.

➤ How durable are carhartt overalls?

Long term use should be a top priority when considering purchasing overalls. Overalls should be able to withstand significant wear and tear for years. Carhartt overalls are designed with durability in the forefront. All overalls they produce are high quality and will last – from the cotton denim to their cotton duck.

Carhartt offers more features that will make the overall durable apart from the high quality fabrics used. The list below are some features that you should keep in mind when shopping:

  • Carhartt Knee Pads. These are inserted into the knee pocket for added protection.
  • Double-layer knees to reduce the risk of tears when kneeling or on the ground
  • Reinforced back pockets
  • Heavy-duty zippers that will withstand weather, environment, and heavy work

➤ How do you find Carhartt overall sizes?

Carhartt has their own sizing chart for work wear. Wearing the correct size of overalls is important for comfort and safety. Wearing too tight or loose of clothing will reduce the mobility you have when working exposing yourself to hazards. In addition, you will wear these all day long. Being comfortable should be a high priority so you won’t be miserable while you work or lounge. 

We wrote a thorough size guide for all the major brands. 

➤ Do carhartt overalls come with pockets?

Overalls are distinguished by their functionality – mainly their pockets compared to other workwear. Carhartt overalls are designed to be able to store and carry your tools and smaller items you have (phones, pens, papers). The standard product includes a leg loop for hammers and two front pockets. Carhartt have upgraded nearly all their overalls with more storage. Here are some overall dependent features:
  • Front bib pocket with two storage pockets, pen stall, and a zipper for closure
  • D-ring with utility loop on back waist
  • Ledge hand pockets;
  • Front cargo pockets with hook-and-loop closure
  • Reinforced back pockets

➤ What fabric does Carhartt overalls come in?

The environment you are in will determine what fabric or material you will need. Working around the house will have a different fabric than if you are outside in negative degree weather. Carhartt offers a wide range of fabrics for any need you have! Let’s look into the type of fabrics you can wear:
  • Cotton denim will be your first choice if you are working outside or at-home and are looking for a comfortable and durable pair
  • Cotton Duck is the most durable fabric Carhartt makes. These are excellent for long term use or if you are in an industry with significant wear and tear – Oil and Gas for example.
  • Nylon shell with inside insulation is the best choice for insulation use. This combination will keep you safe from strong winds, freezing weather, and light rain
  • Polyester and Polyethylene blend is best for water-proof overalls for a downpour.
  • Nylon without insulation is also a great water-proof overall. These are designed for steady rain instead of a downpour. Great choice for fishing!