Best Coveralls For The Winter

Best winter coveralls for 2020

Coveralls comes in all shapes, sizes, and uses. Insulated coveralls are a special type that many people use during winter or in colder environments. They are specially designed garments to keep you warm and safe. You need a strong pair of coveralls to protect yourself if you work in freezing conditions or whipping wind like in North Dakota. You will also find yourself uncomfortable if you do not have correct fitting or weather-designed coveralls.

You can find insulated coveralls manufactured by all the major brands – Dickies, Carhartt, Walls, and Berne to name a few. Insulated coveralls vary in color, texture, material, protection, level of insulation, and price. It’s typical to wear normal clothes under your insulated coveralls. This provides an additional layer of protection against cold weather. 

Since the only point of having an insulated coverall is to protect yourself from harsh weather, they are designed to resist wear and tear. It’s important to know the fabric and added protection each manufacturer has before you purchase as some have patches on the knees and elbows. 

This guide will review the top 5 best insulated coveralls on the market – Dickies, Carhartt, Berne, Walls, and RefrigiWear.

Best Insulated Coveralls For Winter

Berne makes two great insulated coveralls – The Heritage Twill Insulated Coverall and Big & Tall Duck Deluxe. The Heritage Twill Insulated Coveralls are designed for all shapes and has 19 different sizes – making it the most versatile insulated coverall in the market. Berne priced their premium insulated coveralls to fit everyone’s budget which we love.

This coverall has been manufactured to offer ultimate flexibility and convenience. It is designed with pleated elbows and adjustable leg snaps to improve the overall protection. The convertible corduroy collar for easy and quick hood removal adds functionality not many coveralls have.

Walls Zero-Zone Duck Insulated Coveralls are a universal favorite. Walls created this with more features than most manufacturers which make it highly popular and unique. These feature a proprietary ‘Muscle Back Technology’ to improve functionality and range of possible movement and pass-through hand warmer pockets. Additionally, they are two inches thicker than industry standard for only an ounce heavier!

You are guaranteed to be comfortable in cold environments with their premium insulation lining, multiple zipper pockets, and durable hydrophobic material. Walls pride themselves with weather resistant clothing.

RefrigiWear is one of the most well-known brands for manufacturing insulated garments. You receive more functionality, usability, and comfort since they are typically more expensive than their competitors. They are designed to provide comfort in -50°F and windy conditions. If you are traveling to environments like these, it’s a must to have these.

RefrigiWear’s Iron-Tuff Insulated Coveralls are made from water-resistant nylon and has a windtight finish. Both increase the material’s efficiency to protect against cold weather. 

Dickies makes world-class coveralls and are a go-to for many for insulated coveralls. Dickies Men’s Premium Insulated Duck Coveralls are a great pair of coveralls for seasoned users or first timers. In additional, these coveralls are very cost effective and you get your bang for your buck. They also are made in Big and Tall! We recommend the premium version over their regular duck coveralls for the added protection the premium offer. The Premium Insulated Duck Coveralls include their proprietary ‘Dickies Scuffgard’ which is reinforced double knees, knit storm cuffs and corduroy collar.

Carhartt is a standard for work wear in many industries – coveralls are not different. Priced in the middle of the pack – Carhartt’s Men’s Quilt Lined Duck Coveralls are designed for the common worker in any cold environment. 

Carhartt’s coveralls are all designed for easy-to-wear, comfort, and safety. The Quilt Lined Duck Coveralls hit the nail on all three. Weighing only 10 oz, these are made with durable 100% cotton duck and a nylon quilted to mid-weight polyester lining – with the classic corduroy collar. 


➤What are advantages of winter coveralls?

Although you cannot control the weather, you should take precautions to help avoid discomfort and cold weather illnesses. Insulated coveralls are specially designed to keep you warm while working in cold environments. They can protect you from severe health conditions such as hypothermia or frostbite.

➤ What protection do insulated coveralls have?

Insulated coveralls are made out of tough and durable material which protects your body from any kind of exposure. They provide head-to-toe protection against chilly winds. Insulated coveralls are used for extreme protection in environments as low as -50 °F. They can also offer you protection in case you face heavy rain, bitter winds, or snowfall. You will need to wear FRs under the coveralls since they are typically not flame resistant!

➤ How comfortable are insulated coveralls?

Coveralls provide you protection without compromising your comfort. They are not stiff and allow easy body movements. Insulated coveralls should not hinder you in any way while wearing them. If so, you need a different size or pair! They are designed to feel just as comfortable as any other regular clothing. Additionally, due to their light weight and breathable material, you can wear them all day long.

➤ How durable are insulated coveralls?

Insulated coveralls are made to be extremely durable and resilient because of their application in cold environments. They are designed to be durable for many winters and not a one time use. Insulated coveralls are designed to work effectively for long term use. They are usually made with high-quality nylon and polyester fills which makes them resistant to wear and tear. It’s important to take care of your coveralls or else they will lose their protection.

➤ What styles do insulated coveralls come in?

Insulated coveralls are typically made with a quilted design. Quilted patterns are multiple layers stitched into one. It’s important to have the right material and fitting to be comfortable and safe. The insulated coverall should fit a bit loosely over your clothes but not that loose as to not sit tightly near your foot or hands. Cold air or moisture might get inside if your coveralls are too loose which defeats the purpose. Ideally, your coverall should fit snugly around your body covering your chest, arms and legs. This keeps your body at a regulated temperature even when you are working in cold environments. 

➤ How do you clean insulated coveralls?